Walking Exercises 4-5


Walking Exercise 4 (Stumble Walk)

Setting: Path in a forest or park. Soft ground such as soil or grass.
Choose a partner.
Person A: Walk with your eyes closed. Take your time to feel comfortable and secure with your “blindness”.
Person B: Let your partner walk with his/her eyes closed until they feel comfortable with their “blindness”. Let some time pass. Make your partner stumble by interfering with their walk, using your leg or any other part of your body.
Switch roles.

Walking Exercise 5 (Shadowplay Walk)
Setting: Path in a forest or park with trees all around. Sunny day. Afternoon. The sun is visible behind the trees.
When walking down a forest path, stop and look directly into the sun for a moment.
Now, close your eyes. Continue walking down the path with your face turned towards the sun. Take your time. Concentrate on the shadowplay created by the sun appearing and disappearing behind the trees. Experiment with the rhythm of the light fluctuations by changing the pace of your walk.