Entropic Institute Berlin by Deufert&Plischke

The Entropic Institute
by Deufert&Plischke

The Entropic Institute: durch-ein-ander ≠ mess.
The Entropic Institute is a temporal environment of simultaneous activities. The Entropic Institute is active theater, not theatrical activism! Artists, theoreticians and spectators, prepared and instantaneous activities collaborate in the conception of the Entropic Institute at the moment of its appearance. For each new appearance of the institute a group of artists work together in order to define what the institute will be and to create its contents. Institutes (dis)appear in Berlin (May 17th - 20th 2012), Sofia (September 27th -29th 2012), Hamburg (August 2013) & Brussels ( 2013, dates not set).

An institute in situ; Who's afraid of the Institute?
by Elke van Campenhout

The institute's boundaries in that sense are highly flexible, but not in the way that they adapt to whatever kind of interpretation that is molding its workings. Like in any other institute - and especially in the Entropic Institute - the practices and the encounters are prescribed. There is an etiquette ruling the space that makes it possible to engage. There is an invitation that opens up the potential of the encounter. But at the same time the level and focus of engagement stays open for interpretation. For the mutual recognition of a common interest. Based on the smallest of details, or on the largest of analytical frameworks. The institute in that way questions our 'sense of belonging', of being part of the event unfolding: do I engage in the practice as an artist, a citizen, a woman, an agnostic or a believer? What does this engagement then produce in the event? How do I relate to the information that is swirling around? How do I add (or not) to the particular context unfolding? 

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